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Life’s too short to be in a job you’re not happy in. With enough focus and proactive action, anyone can create a career that they love.

You don’t need to know exactly where you want to end up before you start – you just need to know that you want more and be willing to take steps to make it happen.

Who are my career coaching programmes for?

The Career Changer  

The average person has over twelve different jobs in their lifetime, and it’s very rare that we start our career on the exact path that we want to stay on for life. A career change could mean anything from a starting a new job at a different company, to a complete change into a brand new industry.

There are many important elements to changing job, from developing your personal brand to widening and deepening your network. Career coaching provides structure and guidance to plan and execute a career change into a job you really want, even if you don’t know what that ideal job looks like just yet.

The Graduate Job Seeker

As someone who led graduate recruitment teams in the corporate world, I recognise it can feel like a tough market for graduate job seekers at the moment. But each year, many are successful in securing graduate places in their dream company. How can you set yourself apart from the hundreds of other graduate job seekers to land the job you really want?

The first step is getting really clear on exactly what it is you’re looking for by working out what career path will suit your skills and your strengths. More and more graduate employers are switching to a Strengths based recruitment process, and it’s been proven that graduates who have jobs that align to their skills and strengths are more likely to be successful in the long run in their role.

Using my experience of assessing and recruiting graduates into large global companies, I have helped many student and graduate job hunters focus their application strategy and secure a place on their ideal graduate programme.  Through a combination of coaching and recruitment exercises followed by detailed and specific feedback, clients are able to develop their confidence, self-awareness and their skill set to succeed in graduate recruitment processes.

I’ve recently launched a tailored programme specifically for students and graduates seeking a training contract as a commercial solicitor. Get in touch through the contact form below to find out more about the ‘How to get a Training Contract’ career programme, which also involves 1 to 1 career support from a qualified Magic Circle lawyer.

The Aspiring Entrepreneur

Setting up your own business on the side or going freelance can feel very scary. I know, I’ve been there and for many years felt I would never take the steps to set up my own business. Looking back, I recognise that most of the challenges and barriers I faced going it alone were all in my head, and I had over-inflated many of the risks associated with it.

Career coaching  can provide the structure, support and accountability you need to keep you progress. Setting up on your own is filled with lots of highs and lows, and success won’t happen overnight. I can help you focus your priorities, create a timeline, and take the specific steps required to launch your idea into the world – without the risk of giving up your day job first.

The Future Leader

After working in a professional job for a few years, it’s likely you’ll progress into a position of increased responsibility. This could mean leading a team for the first time, or simply having an increased workload and more ambitious deliverables. As someone who started managing a team early on in my career, I understand both the rewards and the challenges associated with a significant increase in responsibility.

My career coaching programme can help you develop the internal skills and resources you need to be an effective leader. This could include the ability to manage upwards as well as downwards, developing communication skills to enable you to have difficult conversations, and the ability to manage a high volume of urgent priorities while balancing multiple stakeholder relationships.

What can career coaching programmes help with?

My career programmes bring together my experience in corporate recruitment, executive coaching, and business school career consulting to offer a flexible career programme that can help you:

  • Get clear on your career motivators, values, skills and strengths
  • Develop a strong personal brand demonstrated through your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to network authentically and deepen your business relationships
  • Succeed at recruitment exercises such as interviews and assessment centres
  • Build confidence and assertiveness at work
  • Plan and execute a career change
  • Set up your own business or go freelance

What exactly does a career coaching programme involve?

I offer a range of services that fall into two main categories – coaching and consulting. Typically I will flex between these two styles depending on your goals, preferred way of working, and what stage of the career programme you’re at.

When you’re feeling stuck, or lacking in motivation or confidence, Coaching uses questioning and feedback to raise your self-awareness, confidence and accountability.

If you’re applying to jobs and want real recruitment insight, Career Consulting offers detailed and specific feedback on CVs, interview technique and job search strategy.

A career programme also includes access to a range of tools including self-reflection exercises, a workbook to track progress, a guide to strategic job searching, and email mentoring between sessions. I encourage tangible, specific action and suggest we spend the last 15 minutes of every session creating a detailed action plan to give you focus and progress between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your career coaching programmes cost?

My career coaching programmes start from £1,300. They include access to a range of products and services, and a payment plan option.

I also offer pay as you go coaching in 90 minute sessions, which is a charged at a higher hourly rate relative to the full career programme.

When and where will coaching take place?

I am available to coach during the day on a Thursday and Friday, as well as some evenings Monday to Thursday.

I have coaching space available at no extra cost in both east and central London, and conduct many of my sessions through Skype. Coaching sessions can take place in your office, if your employer is aware and comfortable with this arrangement.

What's expected from me as a client?

Coaching works best when there is mutual honesty and respect. I will regularly check in to get your feedback on our sessions, and how much progress you feel you are making. If you aren’t getting what you want from coaching, you can share this with me and we’ll work out a solution together.

Likewise if I feel there are any challenges or obstacles to your progress that we aren’t addressing, I will share this with you and ask if you want to explore these further. You will get out of coaching what you put in to it, so I encourage you to be open-minded about coaching and the big changes you can make.

Is this just for people who know they want a complete career change?

Not necessarily. My career coaching programmes are for people who want more from their career, and are willing to take steps to make it happen. It could be a complete career change, a new role, setting up your own business, or simply working out how you can get more from your current job.

We will invest time working out exactly what you would like to achieve from coaching. This may take a while to fully define, and could shift over time. Often our biggest career dreams are buried pretty deep after years of disconnecting from reaching our highest potential.

If you are committed and willing to push your comfort zone, you will achieve significant results through completing this career programme.

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